Home Again

After the rains of Heligan, we were blessed with sun for our final day in Newquay, so we took advantage of the time before our train home in walking over the headlands and exploring the beaches in the area.

It was, without any doubt, the best weather of our short stay – and we spent a lot of it on or near Fistral beach, watching surfers and enjoying the hospitality of the beach bar when we needed a break.

For our return, we took the overnight train back – and that was an adventure: starting with the local train to Par in which we were the only passengers and none of the stations were lit up. The driver/conductor told us our journey overnight would be quiet as long as there weren’t any oddballs in our carriage. We hadn’t the heart to tell him just how odd we are…

Then we had a gentle forty minutes on the deserted platforms at Par until the night train glided out of the darkness with surprising quietness.

Reserved seating awaited us because the price of berths had been too rich for our budgets – and so my expertise of sleeping in chairs came to the fore for an extravaganza of catnaps, surreptitious leg stretches, and trying not to accidentally kick the elderly couple opposite us.

Getting home once we were in London was smooth enough, thankfully, especially given the chaos of the Waterloo engineering works recently. We burrowed into bed as soon as possible to catch up on sleep – and that was… Saturday…