Odd Questions

One of the things that simultaneously delights and bemuses me about library work is the sheer scope of questions that my colleagues and I get asked in any given day.

Most, admittedly, are around whether we have the latest blockbuster novel, or book discussed on Radio 4 about some minutiae of historical events or technology. Just as many revolve around helping people apply for bus passes, or pointing them in the direction of various support services in the local area.

Then we get the unusual ones – which I have to say I do enjoy because they make me think and get creative.

On Thursday I had a gentleman trying to find house prices for a particular property in the local area back in 1989. Today I had a gentleman ask for a copy of an obscure Gnostic Gospel that apparently referenced and gave guidance on Brexit.

I was able to find answers to both questions – so two more happy customers (for a given value of “happy”)

So if you are ever trying to find something out, don’t be afraid to ask your local librarian. We like weird and unusual questions…