My Favourite Costume

One of the questions I’ve been asked by a couple of people since the weekend has been about which of the costumes I wore was my favourite.

MCM Comiccon was a long weekend that seems to have both passed in a blur and to have been never-ending. On a quick count on fingers it worked out as being a five day extravaganza if you count travel: we travelled up after work on Thursday and meandered home in a daze on Monday.

Of the three costumes – Karnak, the deatheater, and the gender-bent Harley Quinn – I had the most fun with the unmasked ones.

Karnak was great for martial arts styled photos, and especially in using my Body Balance experience to strike yoga positions. The problem is that the character tends to be quite serious, so my tendency to grin for the camera didn’t always jive with the look. The green greasepaint design was fun though, and I soon learned that I was the only Inhumans cosplayer at the event – much to the delight of one photographer.

The Harley costume therefore fit my sense of silliness and fun – and also gave me more license to mess about with people. I was the only male Harley who wasn’t cross-playing, choosing my own interpretation instead – and the impression I got was that most of those trying cross-play were aiming for sultry expressions rather than bright and fun.

As a consequence I had more fun, and more poses requested with people with the Harley costume than any of the others – so that one gets my fond nod for having been my favourite.

It was simple, didn’t involve a lot of preparation – and no greasepaint to rub off on anyone (sorry Tom), or worry about smudges. I’ll be revisiting the mask as it rode up every time I smiled, and possibly reworking the baseball bat, though the smaller size did make it easier to transport and stick in bags when not in use.

The deatheater? Well I learned that thick masks are intimidating and too hot for extended use, and while it was a fun concept, it just didn’t quite work for me. Lessons learned, and all that.

Harley will definitely return.

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