Cosplay Shoots

I’m not saying that Lady M is passionate about everything she turns her hand to, but we seem to have been booked up for photo shoots most weekends for the next few months, as well as booked in to a number of conventions.

This weekend saw Lady M, Lady S, and Lady P join forces at a photoshoot in the Leake Street Arches below Waterloo Station. They were there with Squad UK to do a Suicide Squad themed series of shoots.

Amanda Waller and Poison Ivy picture by Laura Garwood

I was working, so couldn’t join them until afterwards, but photos have been doing the rounds already. Quite coincidentally after the fun and shenanigans, Lady M was named as the Squad UK featured cosplay ER of the week.

There may have been more than a little bit of squeeing, jumping up and down, and clapping of hands in our household as a result. As Lady S says: Jo’s passionate nature is a little bit scary sometimes.

The thing is, Lady M is one of the cheeriest cosplayers most people have ever met, with a bubbly laugh and giggly enthusiasm that matches her work ethic and draws people to her.

She’s even got us featured in Comics And Cosplay as one of this month’s couples cosplays. I’m not sure whether to be excited or a bit terrified. For our next extravaganza, we’re working on representing the whole triad.

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