Introspective Mood

I don’t know about anyone else, but trying to come up with a title to a blog entry and sticking to it is harder than it looks – my brain wants to fire off in all sorts of directions at any one moment. So this time I’m starting to write first, and we’ll see what I end up calling this piece. It was cold enough last weekend while we went out for our photoshoot, but the snow that has started to grip even the balmy climes of Sunbury really has got the shivers going. It’s been a long and complicated week.

My week has included a lot of travel – made more interesting by the snowfall – and the making of contingency plans with staff for keeping the libraries open. On top of that there’s been meetings and appraisals, all of which seems appropriate as the end of the financial year sweeps round.

Perhaps that’s what’s got me in a contemplative mood this evening – a week of customer training that focused on mindfulness and self awareness, followed by the introspection of an appraisal with my manager that ended up as a rambling discourse over nearly three hours across a range of topics around communication, frank discussions of team dynamics, and the intricacies and appeal of cosplay.

It’s not a bad contemplation – its reinforced that I’m in a pretty good place right now – work is going well, I’m loved, and the weather will get warmer. Hopefully I’ll soon get my writing mojo back too. I’m starting to get story ideas. Its all good.

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