Cosplay Templates

I’m not saying that Lady M is focused on getting her cosplays sorted, but our living room currently has me sitting with my laptop while I marinate in coffee while she freezes YouTube videos on the XBox. She is copying measurement formulae to make her own bodice block templates from scratch. It looks and sounds like some dark art as she talks of replacing the existing templates that she’s made because they’re getting a bit scrappy.

Currently on the screen is a shot from a YouTube by Threads by BD

  • Neck Hole across measurement: (bust width/12)+1.3cm
  • Shoulder Width measurement: kept as is
  • Neck Hole Down measurement: (bust width/12)+3.8cm
  • Armhole Length measurement: (bust width/4)-3.8cm
  • Waist Length measurement: kept as is
  • High Hip Length measurement: kept as is
  • Low Hip Length measurement: kept as is
  • Bust Width measurement: (but width/4)+3cm
  • Waist Width measurement: (waist width/4)+3cm
  • High Hip Width measurement: (high hip width/4)+3cm
  • Low Hip WIdth measurement: (low hip width/4)+3cm

It makes sense to Lady M as she sits perched on the edge of the sofa with a notebook in hand. Notes are being scribbled in the pad on her knee; an XBox controller is balanced on her other knee; and she has the quizzical expression of a jack russel contemplating someone’s plate of food.

So I guess this is my Sunday for the next few weeks and months…