First Con of the Year – CosXPO

We went to Reading University on Saturday for the first ever CosXPO – aimed specifically for cosplayers to basically get together, hang out, take part in crafting workshops and show off their creations.

We went as Harley and Rizzo – an outfit that Lady M has been rushing together over the last three weeks with grim determination – and the number of smiles and recognition she got really helped boost her through a low mood day and make all the hard work worthwhile.

It was a small event, but well attended – and it was good to catch up with friends on both sides of the camera. We essentially took over the student union building – and despite the weather being a bit ropey we had smiles and laughter all round.

The staff were friendly and couldn’t have been more helpful, and the bar operated at student union prices, which made lunch a lot cheaper than expected. Outside the building, we had the run of the green and beautiful landscape of the grounds, and we found some great spots for playing around.

Will we go again? Yes, if they do another. It wasn’t a traditional Con, but as a one-way event geared towards photos and socialising it absolutely worked for me. We didn’t stay the whole day, but that was down to Lady M’s health rather than any dissatisfaction with the event.