Chilled Out Saturday

Lady M is out for the weekend with Lady S, so I’ve spent today playing on the Xbox, watching films, and sketching odds and ends – oh, and drinking wine left over from the authors event that we hosted at the library mid-week.

That went well – I got drafted in to do the front of house and introductions and ended up juggling emergency services calls when someone got assaulted outside the library during the event.

All’s well that ends well on that front, but it did serve as a gentle reminder of just how petty day to day drama is when confronted with a young teenager with blood pouring down his face.

So yes, I have a few days off now, which is much needed as we’ve had a very stressful time of late with Lady M’s health. As of Wednesday, we have a relative all’s clear on a cancer scare, depending on the results of x-rays etc – all of which is a relief.

Did I mention I’ve been drinking wine? There’s probably a statute against tipsy blogging somewhere, but then again it’s a Saturday night and when better to blow off some steam?

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