Lazy Days

I usually have Mondays off, so the current hot spell of sun is allowing me to feel like I’m actually experiencing a summer for a change. This week I also have Tuesday off as I randomly took it to break up this end of the month while finding ways to use up leave.

The combination of the Summer Reading Challenge and people insisting on wanting to take holidays with their families makes it a difficult time to take leave without leaving places understaffed, but I refuse to let that override my own need to take breaks from the joys of managing libraries.


So, as I have tomorrow off as well I’m not currently feeling the “oh gods what am I doing with my day off” feeling that usually crops up the day before returning to work – and that’s just as well given how hot it is. I have instead taken refuge in the local Costa to abuse their air conditioning while I read and try to do some writing.

The book has been on relative hiatus of late because my laptop is definitely creaking and on its last legs now, spending most of its time just updating and whirring it’s fans at me – we have a backup desktop that I plan to use as a backup machine but I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy something simple and convenient to write on.

I’d better start saving up.

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