Poly – the cub’s eye view

Every now and then I get questions about my “weird and wonderful” life – and I’m going to start addressing them from time to time here as they spark inspiration or shake loose thoughts worth investigating. In particular I have been asked how Lady S’ son – ‘the cub’ as she refers to him on social media – copes with it all. Now, the word ‘copes’ is pretty loaded in this context as it assumes that he is in any way confused by the goings on around him. Most recently, for example, he’s simply checked in on who is allowed to kiss Mummy – and then taken the mickey out of everyone, usually with an enormous grin on his face.

Any thought that he might be getting confused or feeling in any way insecure was banished by how he has recently been talking to friends at his school about us. When he first started at school, and the class bullies worked out there wasn’t a father figure in his life, he was mocked and told that he must have been very bad for his father to have left them. Lady S was understandably angry on his behalf and a number of robust conversations were undertaken at the school and with the parents of the child in question.

Skip forward a few years, and the settling of our polycule into its current configuration, and the cub is inordinately proud of telling his school friends, teachers, and in fact anyone who will listen, that he now has three mummies and a dad and they wouldn’t believe the number of presents he gets from us all. Despite the endless loop of “ask your mother” looming over his head he is happy, contented, and secure in knowing he is loved and supported on all sides.