Inktober Seven and Eight

I had thought by this point in the challenge that I would be getting fatigue from having to stick to someone else’s prompts, but instead I’ve been getting hooked on how to take different looks at the various topics

Day seven’s prompt was #exhausted and it felt appropriate after what was proving to be a long week at work. Staying wrapped up in a cocoon in my pit of a bed is an absolute tonic when I’m utterly fatigued

So this is the nearest to a self-portrait that I’m likely to do in this challenge – and it’s not even slightly based on the sight of Lady M when she’s suffering from a migraine *cough*

The snoring is definitely me though. Both Ladies M and S have expressed a desire to smother me with a pillow on several occasions but I have no idea what they’re talking about *cough*

Day eight was a little more difficult and I’m not entirely sure I’ve managed to properly capture my concept – of a star shaped crossing of spotlights of someone on stage: a star on a star, so to speak.

I think when I revisit this picture it will be on a larger piece of paper. The limited space in my notebook cramped the picture before it even started, and I really need to rethink the perspectives on this.

I think it’s the only one so far that I’m not particularly happy with, but that in itself is a learning opportunity. Hmm, almost sounds like I’m taking this seriously.