Inktober Seventeen and Eighteen

So, after nearly a week’s break, we’re back with the Inktober round-up of posts inspired by the list below:

Fortunately I’ve generally been able to keep broadly up to date with the pieces despite being ill and then going away to MCM. This morning, after sorting the first load of laundry, I sat down and dashed off a few more. I’ve posted them in a flurry on the Instagram account today, so they may be linked via the Twitter feed on this page.

So, on to day seventeen and the prompt was: Swollen. I had my finer ink pens to hand today and started out as usual with the eyes. I wanted to do something that breaks the normal symmetry that we see when looking at someone, so this seemed to be a good excuse to let my imagination wander with the grotesques.

I took inspiration from cinematic representations of the transformations of the Incredible Hulk, and from depictions of daemons of Nurgle from the various Warhammer games and books.

All in all, a fun little piece, done on a larger paper pad that I’ve been doing a number of sketches and doodles on.

Number eighteen’s prompt seemed an obvious one – it’s Inktober, so why not draw a bottle of ink? A number of pieces I’d seen online went with depictions of bottled emotions, but there was something simple about this that appealed as I worked on it.

I was back on the smaller book for this one, purely for ease of carrying around as I was on the move a lot and wasn’t sure how or when inspiration would strike. With some of these pieces I’ve been waking up with ideas, while others have needed prodding towards the end of the day after ruminating for hours.

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