Sexual health test part two

So, I wrote a few weeks ago about giving HIV the finger and taking a home test – in part so that as a triad we could be secure in stopping using barrier contraception amongst ourselves. I also said I’d update people when I had a result.

Well, a funny thing about discrete services like this – it was so discrete it took me several weeks to notice the text notification of my results – even though they came through within two days of posting off the samples.

The reason for that was that the results were texted from the same number that the order confirmation came from, so I think my brain assumed it was a junk text. It was only while I was looking through my messages, trying to find an appropriate number to chase up the results, that I noticed the simple text:

ID : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for using CNWLs Home Self-Test service. Your results are all clear. No further action required.

We’ve all tested clear, in case anyone is keeping score.

So that was a positive, if slightly bemusing, coda to that experience. Yay us!

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