We’re sorting our Mortgage

We’ve been renting for about nine years now, and saving as best we can for most of that time to get a deposit – and despite a few setbacks along the way we’ve finally got to the point where we’ve been able to negotiate a price and sort out all the associated paperwork. So today, once we’d got the obligatory hospital trip out the way for a scan on Lady M’s knee, has been a day of digging up all sorts of details for a wander to our broker tomorrow.

Don’t tell anyone, but I think we might be accused of adulting

Slow week

Well, I say that but its actually been really busy. In addition to general post-MCM blues and tiredness I had a job interview for an acting up role (unsuccessful) and have spent a lot of time ferrying Lady M between walk-in centre, GP, and hospital appointments.

In addition to ongoing problems with her knees, we’ve also discovered that she is currently suffering from shingles. As a result there was a flurry of messaging and calling people we’d met recently to warn them – especially checking they’d already had chickenpox .

Oh, and we’re sorting out a mortgage. As you do.

I should have booked two weeks off…