Crash Day

Of course, having just talked about being confident and strong, my brain decided that flipping all that inside out would be a fantastic idea, and I’m currently struggling to stay, well, functional.

I didn’t sleep much last night as my brain kept trying to start to write a suicide note as an intellectual exercise: “well if I was going to, what would I write?” and so I was doing my best to say “shut up and sleep brain! Look, my eyes are closed and I’m breathing regularly, do your bit and shut down!”

That was about as successful as you might imagine.

Today I have forced myself to get out of bed (eventually), and go do laundry, and washing of plates and cutlery, and buy milk, and spend some time in the sunshine. I have taken meds, had a walk, kept hydrated, and will shortly brake some painkillers for the headache currently making my eyes burn.

I’m tired, and I’m numb, and aside from my dad being in hospital getting a kidney stone removed, there’s no drama I can think of.

So yay brain. Thanks for nothing.