Newsletter Stuff

Following a recent speculative application for an internal secondment at work, a few opportunities opened up almost as recompense for not getting the role. One of those has been joining the editorial team of the staff newsletter – which is largely used to tell people about policy and procedure, laced with pieces about events put on at various libraries.

It has also a bit of a reputation for being somewhat dry in tone, so they’re looking to find ways of making it more interesting.

So I’m on my way to a meeting this morning halfway across the county to brainstorm some ideas and generally meet and greet my colleagues. I’m going to need lots of coffee I think.

So far the insertion of subversive acrostics has been rejected, but my staff have been gleefully suggesting ideas to bring to the meeting which range from publishing book reviews from prison library newsletters to asking senior management to write “a day in the life” articles.

What’s the worst that could happen?