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Heading home

I think there can be few things as comparable to a needle-drop sound effect as being in a local Greggs with the girlfriend after dropping little man to school and receiving a message on our group chat basically saying: don’t … Continue reading

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Last Night’s Nightmare

If not for the content this would probably make for a powerful story to write – it’s that time of year when my brain shakes the spiders in my head around and my nightmares come out to play. So: content … Continue reading

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Fiction Fragment – Meltdown

We watched through sound-proof toughened glass at the prisoner while the speakers inside the cell played. By the third iteration of the Cassilda-Zahn melodic progressions his internal skin structures were already starting to rupture and break down in hazy overlapping … Continue reading

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Brain Freeze

I don’t like to comment on politics – it’s such a disastrous mess across the entire spectrum. I also don’t particularly hide my leanings towards the left end of the spectrum, and my attitude towards Brexit can be fairly summed … Continue reading

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Genre Labelling

I was chatting away with a colleague today about how inconsistently some of our stock seems to get categorised when it comes to fiction. We’re both huge fans of science fiction and fantasy, and so it seemed odd that certain … Continue reading

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Site Rejigging in Progress

If things appear odd at any time on this site at any time, its probably just me rearranging things a bit. The short fiction is getting simplified as some devices couldn’t cope with the menu layouts, and I still need … Continue reading

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We completed on the flat today. There may be wine drinking and shenanigans in progress.

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