Weekend Visitors

We had Lady M’s niece and nephew over to stay for the weekend – something they had been anticipating and getting very excited about for weeks. There were numerous messages, texts, and video calls in the weeks leading up to it – and I’ll admit there was no small measure of pressure felt to give them a memorable weekend. Lady M went to pick them up after work on the Friday – and their aunt would pick them up on Sunday – so that left us a fair while to entertain them.

Its been a while since we’ve been particularly touristy, so having the kids around is a good excuse – so we went to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden as our main excursion. Its been a good few years since I took the Charleesi there, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the changes they’ve made.

Much more has been done to lay out the story of the changing nature of public transport in London, and there’s a wide range of exhibits and carriages that can be interacted with and clambered into. We had a lovely couple of hours making our way round, and a series of “stamping stations” gave the kids something to aim for to complete their collections all round the museum.

As you might expect, they’ve a lot energy, so having a well lit and extensive place for them to explore had them darting around all over the place was perfect way to drum up an appetite before we introduced them to some of London’s geekier locations. As we were in the area, this included the new Noble Collection store in Seven Dials, which holds all manner of film prop replicas and merchandise, and then on to Forbidden Planet and then Orcs Nest.

By then they were exhausted so we made our way home. The minor kip they had on the train and in the car woke them up enough to want to then play Dungeons and Dragons – duly encouraged by Lady M. So character creation happened – and the next day after a roast dinner down the pub, a mini game occurred. I threw together a scenario based on something I ran a few years ago – and they seemed to have fun.

Today is a quiet day – on all fronts. The flat feels peaceful again, and its a good chance to recharge batteries before getting back to work.

Busy, busy, busy – and I’m exhausted. I love them dearly