Knowing When To Stop

I’ve been drawing this on one of my big sketchpads over the last week or so: a little here, a little there, with lessons learned from smaller detail doodles along the way. I originally thought to just try and fill the whole page, as I’ve done with other unplanned pictures, but have decided to stop here as there’s a certain aesthetic to it I like. I may even frame and back it at some point.

Inktober Is Coming

Inktober 2019

Well, as if I needed an excuse to draw and paint things… October is Inktober, and the list has been published, so I’ll have a go just like I did last year. Yes, there will be image spamming for all the family.

The prompt list, like last year, consists of single words that can be interpreted in all sorts of ways. It could be directly literal, or allegorical, and a great part of the fun for me is seeing how different people interpret the prompts when they come to post their work. Some people plan and plot their images with small thumbnails ahead of time – and some of the online lists I follow are currently full of those sneak peaks – but just like last year I’m intending to try to do each one on the day with minimal forward planning.

I’m not a great one for planning out pictures anyway – flying by the seat of my pants and letting my imagination skitter over the page is far more interesting. So let’s see how this year goes.

I Didn’t Mean To Sleep Today Away

I seem to have missed most of today, collapsed on my bed. Ive not been unwell, just exhausted I think.

I woke briefly when Lady M got up this morning full of beans and energy, and then slipped back into sleep cuddling soft toys she’d thoughtfully provided. I got up so we could watch some tv and have a brunch, but then I was just overcome with a deep lassitude.

I suspect its just a result of living off stress and caffeine the last few days and my body and brain getting tired of giving me subtle hints that slowing down for a bit might be a good idea – so my strings were cut and that was that for most of my Sunday.

I must still be running on low batteries as I can hear my bed calling me back even after all that rest – so self-care mode is duly initiated