Inktober Is Coming

Inktober 2019

Well, as if I needed an excuse to draw and paint things… October is Inktober, and the list has been published, so I’ll have a go just like I did last year. Yes, there will be image spamming for all the family.

The prompt list, like last year, consists of single words that can be interpreted in all sorts of ways. It could be directly literal, or allegorical, and a great part of the fun for me is seeing how different people interpret the prompts when they come to post their work. Some people plan and plot their images with small thumbnails ahead of time – and some of the online lists I follow are currently full of those sneak peaks – but just like last year I’m intending to try to do each one on the day with minimal forward planning.

I’m not a great one for planning out pictures anyway – flying by the seat of my pants and letting my imagination skitter over the page is far more interesting. So let’s see how this year goes.

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