Brain Freeze

I don’t like to comment on politics – it’s such a disastrous mess across the entire spectrum. I also don’t particularly hide my leanings towards the left end of the spectrum, and my attitude towards Brexit can be fairly summed by the blog article I wrote at the time of the result. To save you the effort of checking back a couple of years of entries: it basically consisted of the word ‘fuck’ around 100 times.

I work in a library, and generally believe and attempt to work towards uplifting and inspiring people to be the best that they can be, and to make the place at least a bit brighter.

So to see the utter mess that is our news and politics in the UK leaves me quite angry and distressed – but I’m damned if I can formulate any coherent response or remedy to the morass of panic that seems all around. And so my bain freezes – and part of me wonders if that might not actually be the point of it all in some quarters, to hope that my paralysis will get in the way of protesting effectively at a given course of action.

I’m tired of being tired of the politics of outrage

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