Inktober Days Three and Four

I’ve taken to doing these pictures in my lunch break while at work so that I have both a set time and a time limit within which to work. How that’ll work this weekend is anyone’s guess.

Day three’s prompt is “Bait” – and with Halloween approaching I knew I’d be continuing with the creepy theme. In this case a shadowy monster in the attic who’d like you to have your hands full changing a lightbulb. This was done entirely in 0.5mm and 0.3mm light and dark grey fineliners with a couple of black lines from a 0.3 black for outlines. To my eye the creature looks mischievous rather than necessarily malignant despite the claws and teeth.

Day four is “Freeze” and I considered variations on a theme of Elsa from Frozen, and the Night King from Game of Thrones (I even did a synthesis rough character sketch combining those characters). Then as my brain was frozen on composition I went with a head in an ice cube. As you do.