Inktober Five and Six

These next two have been quite tricky to pin down for some reason. I remember there being days like this from last time so I’m not particularly put out by it. In general I’m trying to only put about thirty or forty minutes a day into these so as to keep from overcomplicating things.

Day Five: “Build” is a picture that I’m not really very happy with. I actually lay awake last night picturing what I wish I had made, and came to the conclusion that I’d probably have made more layers of pens and pencils to build a stack.

I think this picture is best used as a sample of three different approaches that I considered along the way. The pen stack, Lego bricks, and an android. Oh well.

Day Six: “Husky” – a bit of a cheat here with a semi-husked corncob but it was fun to do. My alternative thoughts were based around dogs, or strong people, or singers. Discussing it with a friend led to the image of Marge Simpson with a corncob hairdo.

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