Inktober Seven and Eight

Even being ill hasn’t stopped the drawing. Sorry, not sorry. Thought I’d better schedule this one up while my head is relatively clear.

Day seven’s theme is enchanted – and my mind went straight to a magic wand. This is both enchanted and a tool of enchantment, with a winding sinuous shape reminiscent of a snake. Depending on your iconology this can represent healing or knowledge or deception. The gems act as both focus and repository of power – as well as flashes of colour to make the image pop.

Day eight’s prompt is “Frail” so after some deliberation I went with a spider web. To you or I it is like gossamer, barely noticed, even as it acts as a deadly barrier and trap for small insects. I had in mind an allegory of how we can be both strong and frail depending on what comes at us – and how we reckon it scales in comparison to our strengths.

Site Updates 9th October

Pretty sure this is what my body thinks of all this

Seeing as I’m home sick and my brain won’t switch off, I’m swapping a few things round on the site. I’ve added an artwork section, which currently compiles last year’s Inktober, and will soon have this year’s and some general artwork/doodles in a general gallery too.

I’m also rationalising and rejigging the fiction bits – especially the short fiction – to make it a bit simpler to navigate. Mostly its collapsing the 2017 fiction and the older fiction pieces into all-encompassing alphabetical lists, which should then make it easier for me to find things and add new pieces.

Still Ill

I managed a couple of hours at work yesterday before the hot and cold running sweats and all the rest of the symptoms of this bug were too much to bear. I at least managed to cover the lunchbreaks of my staff and let colleagues know I was in no state to be working – so today I’m staying home and mostly wrapped up in blankets and comfortable clothing while I rest and keep hydrated.

So that’s why I’m currently wrapped up in what could charitably be described as a shroud of material, looking like the grim reaper or one of his clients. Its the long hoodie I bought for the next iteration of my Karnak cosplay, and its greener than it looks in the photo. Right, back to bed.