Inktober Thirteen and Fourteen

I think I’m getting over the bug that flattened me last week, but I’ve definitely enjoyed having an extra day at the beginning of the week where I don’t work where I can feel a bit more human in comfort before diving straight back to work. These next two have been a bit more fun, if only because I haven’t been uncomfortable while making them.

Day Thirteen is Ash – and while I could have gone with cigarettes, or a bonfire, I wanted to do something a bit more dynamic and challenging – hence a phoenix arising from a jar of ashes. I wanted to capture an explosive moment of creation and formation, rekindling life from what seemed dead and gone. The phoenix is an image that I work with quite a lot, and that has a lot of resonance with me in terms of the new leases of life I get when recovering from dips in physical or mental health. As this last week’s bug has had me feeling quite down over how long it has been, a resurgent image felt needed. Its not the most detailed line work – I think I spent more time on the ash and its trails – but it feels like one of those split-second moments of things being in flux with lots of movement. No doubt, like some of the others in this sequence, it’s something I’ll return to as imagery in my doodles.

Im really proud of Day Fourteen – Overgrown – as its another of those concepts that came easily, and I really like how I executed it in the time allotted. The broken statue overgrown in vines and moss feels like something that belongs in a fairytale, or perhaps a gothic romance, as a pointer to tragedy in the past and the passing of time. It was done, like all the others here in 0.1 and 0.5 light and dark grey ink fine liners, and the border with a 0.3 black just to outline. I’m just really happy with how its worked out.

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