Inktober Fifteen and Sixteen

Okay, now we’re halfway through the month, and there’s a nice body of work to look back over. I’ve started assembling a mosaic gallery of pieces from this year to match last year’s gallery, and these can be viewed through the menu links above.

Day Fifteen’s prompt is Legend and what better than a Dark Knight who is so fixed in our cultural legends that I don’t even need to draw a full figure or the logo on his chest. It’s a reminder that superheroes are the myths of our modern day – Odysseus or Jason, Helen or Heracles, Zeus or Athena – all were as known to people as Batman, Spider-Man, Magneto, Deadpool, The Flash or Billy Butcher. You can argue with reasonable certainty that the same principles and vital energy are evoked in the new myths as with the old.

And then we have Day Sixteen, which prompts depictions of the word ‘Wild’. Animal from The Muppets just jumped up, grabbed the pens, and demanded to be given first shot at the title. Who am I to get in the way of such energy? As a work colleague commented on social media: “could be any of us after a trying day”

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