A Quiet Day

I think I’m so used to there being emergencies at work that actually having a quiet day is both a novelty and slightly unnerving. That’s not to say that it was without incident: this is a frontline customer service after all; but the most stressful moments came in discussions about fines, damaged books, and stock management decisions. No one did anything dangerous, people were generally kind, and I even managed some small kindnesses and made some people smile.

Now, if only I could train customers returning their books to put their books on the returns trolley properly rather than stacked like this. It bugs me.

So, all in all, a satisfying day. I’ve even found the time to start assembling a colouring book for lady s from free graphics online and some simple designs of my own – yes, simple, and that’s more of a challenge than I expected to strive for simplicity rather than detail in my lineart. It demands rather more precision of planning and design than my more organic pieces, so it’s an interesting exercise.