It’s Diwali, and fireworks are in the skies around us, celebrating the Festival of Light. A small gathering with sparklers and fountains was held on the main green outside, and the pictures in our local social media look lovely.

In the meantime I’m twitching and nervy, trying not to cringe in response to the sounds all around, while my body seems intent in remembering old injuries. This is a hard week every year, and it will pass.

I love the visuals of light in the dark, celebrating life and new growth. It’s a healthier celebration than the remembrance and symbolic destruction of a group of attempted murderers, but the memories still cling hard. This year is at least better than last year, partly from just being so stressed at work I’ve barely time for my own traumas.

But each explosion tonight reminds me of the sounds in the skies above the terrified boy in an alley being used and that’s why I’m at home with curtains closed, and not really wanting to be…anything right now.

New cosplay

I’m not going to any conventions at the moment due to money and general exhaustion, so I’m cheering myself by peeking on social media at what my friends and acquaintances in cosplay circles are up to this weekend at MCM and other events. There are so many talented people out there and it’s so good to see their love of our shared hobby manifesting in such a glorious profusion of colourful costumes and memories they’re making.

Inspired by that and the time of year, I turned to some elements I bought earlier in the year that have been languishing in the bottom of drawers to begin assembling a version of Michael Myers from the Halloween films. For the most part the mask needed the most attention – and I’ve been weathering it with inks and some general battering to help make its features easier to photograph. The boiler suit turned out to fit pretty much perfectly, but had dreadful press studs that fell apart, so Lady M has volunteered to replace them.

Halloween is just round the corner

So now my big debate is whether to do a film-accurate silent brute, or to subvert it. Some of the messing about I did this morning has already suggested versions with a more… hippy feel… complete with rose-tinted spectacles, and possibly a long wig, hoodie over the boiler suit and some tie-dye silliness. I’ll let you know…