A Pause

It’s raining again. I’m warm, in bed, and a light breeze from a cracked open window carries the scent of that rain and the pattering of rain against panes and windowsills in a gently erratic white noise extravaganza.


Lady M is asleep beside me, snoring gently. Her pain levels and general mental resilience are not great at the moment, so I’m glad she’s resting.

Although lady s is not here, a check in on her earlier also had her disclosing that she’s not doing well. Like Lady M she’s dealing with chronic pain, and they’re both finding it draining on a physical and emotional front.

I’m tired, but it is a healthy tiredness born of the physicality of the job at the moment rather than the stresses that can feel so overwhelming. I’m on the bounce back up from getting past last week and the anniversary of the attack.

Now I’m merely concerned for my partners’ respective health and resolved to keep my own state positive so I can support them as they may want or need.

So I’ll drift off soon, lulled by the rain and the warm embrace of my duvet. It’s a good pause.

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