Winter Wear

I discovered a new thing the last couple of days as the temperature dropped. My cosplay wardrobe and daily wear have converged and offer both comfort and fresh confidence alike. As Exhibit A I present the following picture:

Where the left hand image is what I’ve been wearing while out and about the last couple of days, and the right is cropped from a photo in May by Nathan Parker Photos.

Um, not much difference. Just add a bandolier of boomerangs and swap the leather jacket for a longer coat and you’re basically there. The very qualities that made me abandon the costume on the last day of that MCM are a positive boon when sharp winter winds are slicing across Sunbury Cross: The beanie hat protects my freshly shaved head, while the thick leather jacket and hoodie keep me warm and gently swaggering with added confidence. The cosplayer confidence definitely comes easily with this ensemble.

In part I think that’s why most of my cosplays tend to have elements that lend themselves to being worn separately. They remind me of good times with friends, or have a striking appearance that catches the eye, breaks the ice, and attracts focus. Whether it’s a distinctive item of clothing, or jewellery, or some other prop, it’s a little bit of flash to stand out and make people sit up and pay attention

Or something.