Well, that was a week

It’s Sunday morning, and at last I have a day off. I can hear pigeons having sex on the balcony, the background white noise of the nearby motorway, and the grumble of my own stomach as it follows me into consciousness.

Yesterday was exhausting but ultimately very rewarding as we had the first session of a chess club in the library. The volunteer running it is very talented, and has worked closely with us to engage parents and children alike. It’s nice to have something good to report.

It may seem a small thing next to a continent on fire, and the first shots and sabre rattling of what may turn out to be another major war, but frankly we need to celebrate the good things as we find them or risk even more overload.

We have Lady M’s neice and nephew coming over today for Christmas presents and food. That’s the next good thing to look forward to.