Living in the Future

Back in the early nineties my regular tabletop gaming group and I loved messing about playing the R.Talsorian Cyberpunk 2020 game. From one-shots to complex evolving campaigns it was a good system to dip into as we took breaks from our Dungeons and Dragons.

I usually ran the games, but that wasn’t always the case – and I went in on as many expansion books and elements of source material as I could in an effort to make things as immersive as I could. One thing that I remember saying at the time that has stayed with me though was telling my players to consider that technically the corporate warlords and elder non player characters would have been born in our age – or that in other words it was entirely possible that they could find that the Big Bad of the campaign was just as likely to be one of the players say round the table as anyone else.

So anyway, life has happened, and has swayed away in many instances from the cyberpunk excess of that game – and yet is in other ways even more chillingly aligned – and find myself considering that Greta Thunberg would be a good match for the Rockerboy archetype from the game. She would even be the right age give or take a couple of years. It does make me realise that I wasn’t that far off with my glib statement all those years ago.

I’m not sure whether bemusement or horror is the appropriate reaction at this point.