Cleanup Crew of One

I’ve been having a bit of a clean out today. For the first Monday in a while I haven’t been travelling or ill so it’s been quite productive. We were offered an upgrade on our BT TV box a week or two back, and we finally got our hands on it after shenanigans with the Post Office at the weekend. Getting to the electrics meant battling through piles of art supplies, so it was as good an excuse for a tidy as any.

Two large bin bags of detritus later – which includes a mass shredding of materials, address labels, and moderately confidential odds and ends – and the new and significantly smaller TV box is installed and configured. The XBox can see it and control it too, so in theory that sidesteps keeping a close eye on an additional remote. We shall see.

No doubt our cleaner, the redoubtable ex-Lady M – will be bemused to find an area of clear floorspace that wasn’t there before.

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