I Get Bored

Some routine is a good thing, allowing for a stability upon which to have the flexibility to interact with and influence the world around me. But I also get bored incredibly easily – mostly I think out of a sense of how many other things there are to be doing and exploring.

I therefore try to keep a middle ground between order and chaos in my life so that I can slide between them for respite. Sometimes that manifests in a frenzy of cleaning and reorganization that you may think is imposing order, but is in fact shaking things up when they’ve been static too long.

I see elements of this around me at work when I observe the effects of changing or moving displays. People notice and react to the change for a short while before tuning it out as the new normal. At which point we change things around to grab people’s attention again.

This is generally why I embrace change whenever it happens. My romantic and platonic relationships are constantly evolving as we ourselves change and grow both in relation to each other, our lives, and circumstances. Sometimes these are scary as they challenge assumptions, and sometimes these changes ease things. The same goes for work and my relationship to it and it’s demands.

Today I am fairly mellow towards work, even with its challenges (did I mention that I had to call the police toy?) – but who knows what tomorrow will bring. It’s unlikely to be boring, and I’m thankful for that.

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