Decorating Day

Well, we had planned to be in the Midlands today for an extended photoshoot, but quite aside from the minor issue of large portions of it trying not to be under water right now, our photographer is currently recuperating from an operation to deal with a bleed on his brain a couple of weeks ago.

Quite understandably he’s under strict doctor’s orders to not work, and while we talked about coming over to be sociable anyway he wasn’t feeling up to it so we’ll catch up another time. It’s only the third time that fate has intervened in our plans for shoots so we’re not going to get a complex about it. We’re just glad that he’s making good progress back to health.

So instead we said those immortal words: isn’t it time we sorted out the guest room?

Not even a fraction of what’s been unpacked

Now it’s true that it’s been a bit of a dumping ground while we sorted out other rooms, but at least we’ve already got all the paint and supplies. This morning therefore became an exercise in stripping everything feasible out, as well as excavating the paint and brushes from the boiler cupboard – the same one containing all the Funko boxes from our collection.

In addition to the general debris, we also had most of our cosplay props, some costumes, and what felt like half a ton of material and scraps – along with most of the games we’ve accumulated over the last few years.

So, it’s been a busy day so far. We’re currently on a break to let the ceiling dry before we give the walls a quick wash down and get on with finishing the room. And then we can reorganise what’s in there once that has all dried.

There are three sofas in this picture

Hopefully we’ll make good time this afternoon, or we’re taking turns sleeping on the sofa and piles of costumes this evening.

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