Video Stuff

I still need to listen to and learn some lyrics, but I at least got one of the video snippets I’ve promised someone recorded today.

This one is part of a sequence of cosplay characters punching or otherwise assaulting each other in turn. Its inspired by a couple of videos done by stunt workers in recent weeks.

I’ll post a link to it when editing is completed and the finished article is posted by my friend. In the meantime though, here’s the raw footage I provided for them to work with:

Say what you like, he can take a punch…

The one i’ll aim to get done in the next few days is a follow-up to this cosplay singalong video from a few weeks ago by Nerd OD. It looks like this new one, which is based on High School Musical, will be very silly indeed. Can’t wait – and yes, I will be singing as the same character…

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