All The Geekery

So, Lady M and I have ended our Friday by watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s first episode, followed by the Snyder Cut – one after the other. Safe to say we’ve been happy little geeks.

I’m not spoilering anything for anyone. I am recommending both unreservedly as very different beasts. The former is mainstream Marvel to its core, and feels like a Captain America film (appropriately). The latter is heartfelt and indulgent, and epic in scale while providing some proper depth.

So we’ve retired to bed to watch some Critical Role. Because we’re geeks.

I had intended to get up and buy some pastries for breakfast in the morning before writing for the game, but I’ve been reminded that tomorrow is Saturday, not Sunday, and so I’ll need to go to work instead.

Oh well. At least the worst of the side effects from the jab seem to be fading.

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