Gently Pausing

Another week, and as I was working on Saturday today was a short morning – that was mostly spent sorting out rotas. We’ve started sharing the duties out on that as the restructure starts shifting management around. No great dramas to report there.

I did drop by another library on the way home though. We’re starting to think about how to safely restart public events as restrictions drop, and I’d promised a couple of staff at this one that I would drop in on the way home.

While some libraries have in the past used CD players while running things like rhymetime this has not been the case here, so the staff were unsure about appropriate songs or lyrics to use. I promised to bring my old folder of songs round for them to copy. It was also a good excuse to stop in and have a gossip with my co-manager who was on-site today.

So, not a lot done, but it felt productive. With that and sorting out laundry when I got home it has been a nice pause.