Yuck and Ouch

I spent most of yesterday evening in A&E last night, and before that most of the day exploding at each end (not to be too delicate about these things). It’s the third time this month I’ve had this issue, but what necessitated a trip to the hospital was that this time I started vomiting blood – which even I considered an alarming development.

So, with the boy s still at work, Lady M bundled me and the cub in the car following a hurried conversation with the NHS 111 non-emergency number, and I began the long wait between triage and treatment.

So, by 2am we knew that it wasn’t my heart, liver, kidney, or pancreas because they were all working properly. My blood pressure was fine, and there was no blood ruptures into my body cavities showing on xrays, or blood elsewhere in my guts. Yay.

So, they patched me up. Various injections and fluids helped settle things, and I’m off to talk to my gp on monday to start the search as to whether this is stomach ulcers, ripping my throat with vomiting, or my gall bladder playing up.

So that’s a new adventure.

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