Quiet and Tidy Day

With cub back at school, and boy s visiting friends, Lady M and I have had a couple of quiet days tidying the flat, getting rid of rubbish, playing games and catching up on TV shows.

More significantly we’ve ordered a new cooker to replace the original fitting that gave up the ghost a couple of months ago. I’ve almost forgotten the luxury of cooking with an oven rather than just the grill and rings on the top (which is what we’ve had to cope with) I’m looking forward to having more options again when shopping for groceries.

We’ve also ordered some new laptops using Lady M’s work discount so better tech for creating things is coming… they’re early Christmas presents, and I can’t wait for their delivery.

Still, it has been lovely having boy s back home this evening, and the cub had friends from school round too, so not such a quiet end to the day but still a delight.

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