Just When I Got Cocky…

I have various medical investigations over the next week or so, and I’d managed to get to the point of thinking “maybe I’m imagining things” as I’ve had a few weeks of good health. As if to remind me to stay in my lane, my body decided to flare up again the last couple of days and now I’m back to being exhausted and cautious again.

I’m so used to being the “strong and handle everything” person in and for family that the concept of not being able to bounce back so quickly from illness is proving a nasty shock. I watched Encanto the other day and the character of Luisa who is literally carrying other beasts of burden and treating every request as an instant order to prove their worth hit just a little too close to the mark. Her song about pressure is now living rent-free in my head at the moment (but then it is very catchy).

So, I’m going to try and pace myself in between the medical poking and prodding and keep thinking positive and practical thoughts to keep my spirits up. I’m almost looking forward to getting sedated next week to force me to stop…

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