Setting a Base Line

I had my first session, known as a “kickstart” today at the new gym. It was basically a quick chat about immediate goals and measuring some baseline statistics to compare the (hopefully) improvement to come.

My previous experiences of these have tended towards a focus on BMI and an underlining of poor condition that has made me snarl: “I know that, why do you think I’m here?”

What was a relief this time was a recognition that BMI is flawed and instead a wider range of scanned body parameters being looked at. All of which recognised that I’ve a lot of dense muscle, so I would be labelled as a Solid Build rather than Obese – even if just on the boundary of it.

You know what, I’ll take that as a starting place to build from. I’ve basically said I want to build back into regular exercise as part of managing my diabetes and blood pressure and I don’t think that’s unreasonable as an initial set of goals.

Let’s see how it goes