Keeping Positive

One of the things I keep reminding people at work about is that there will inevitably be things that go wrong, or events that don’t quite go to plan. The important thing is to work out the why and how of what happened and moving on with that knowledge to the next thing.

For the most part what we do is not a matter of life and death. That’s not an excuse to therefore be cavalier about things, but I find it helpful to keep a sense of perspective when things go wrong. There was a post doing the rounds a few years ago about dealing with change that I do my best to incorporate into both personal and professional life: to overcome disappointment with events and change, shout “plot twist!” and move along accordingly.

There’s a stoic aspect to that which chimes for me, as well as the writer’s analogy that appeals. It serves me well when dealing with changes, external interference, or disappointments and I can highly recommend it as a tool in your mental wellbeing kit

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