Sleepy Day, Plans For Tomorrow

My body has decided that I need to stop doing things today so other than a quick trip to Tesco to get essential supplies in (accompanying Lady M who had far too much energy today) I shall not be doing much of anything other than this blog, some reading, and possibly some Destiny to finish off the Seasonal Event Armour and Seal. As the only thing outstanding on that is finishing another five vanguard operations that’s a fairly low impact goal.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Portsmouth Geek Retreat opening, which we were there for, so we’ve cobbled together a plan to descend there in the afternoon for our D&D session – or as much of one as we can assemble. As I write this I am idly working out the ratio of physical books to laptop and phone digital resources to comfortably transport – and of course all the dice so they can have a proper outing.

I’m not sure everyone’s quite cottoned on that’s the plan yet, but even if I just do a cut down side-bar one-shot it’ll be a good day out and something to treasure. Either way, the write-up will be entertaining as a huge amount of winging it is on the cards.