Brain Lies

In todays list of things my brain decided to turn into a storm in a teacup was a quick spin on the existential mortality trap of comparing where I am now with what my father was doing at my age. This was duly mixed with an unhealthy dash of “how am I 50?” and a selection of general inflated perceived inadequacy.

Then I shook my head, got a sense of perspective, realised I was feeling gritty from the heat of the day and therefore uncomfortable in my own skin, and had a good hot shower which helped immensely.

Nice try brain. Not today.

Too Hot To Game

The promise thunderstorms haven’t arrived yet so it’s still so stifling that none of us felt well enough to play D&D

Instead I’ve been reading more if my book and alternating between fascination over the business shenanigans in the building of a brand new industry and wanting to throw the book across the room over the oblivious entitlement and ego that fuelled I and its earliest conflicts. Its a great book, with a concise presentation of events but I’m having to take it in small chunks.

After a day of feeling a flailing frustration then I turned to Two Point Campus as a new game as it recently became free on GamePass… and that killed four hours in the blink of an eye.

Ah well, back to work in the morning. Here’s hoping the break in the heat arrives soon.