DDC – Draconic Prophecies 1

So, each week now I shall be putting up some more “Draconic Prophecies” relating to the DDC campaign as extra material and an excuse to do some writing in a different set of styles. I’ve read these to the players at various points as stingers to promote a wider sense of story direction while still claiming I don’t know what the campaign is building towards (not that they believe that in any way). From here on out there are no explanations of the passages until after they have come to pass.

The Dreamer’s spawn hunger and cast jealous eyes in darkened halls. Too vile to fade on waking, the living nightmares serve the Watcher

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 371, chapter 2, verses 1-2

While the Watcher and the Dreamer have yet to be identified, there is a definite theme now of globular half-real aberrations with multiple eyes accompanying the forces arrayed against the DDC. The only thing positively identified so far is a Gazer – more of a nuisance than anything else to the adventurers at this point, but they are currently fighting something a bit tougher armed with teeth-lined tentacles.

Delvers down meet Delvers up, before delving in to start delving out. Old war becomes new as the Triumphant Dead find their own purpose. The cleansing of corrupt halls provides a fresh pond for ducks

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 371, chapter 2, verses 10-12

We finally had some clarity on some of this: The Delvers down are the dwarves of Clan Amberhammer as they mine. The Delvers up are duergar dwarves ascending from the Underdark and breaching the mines. The captured and hostaged Amberhammer dwarves have been pressed into service by the Duergar and Mindflayers to build a portal that presumably will link with somewhere…else…

The reference to the Triumphant Dead, for now, remains obscure. The cleansing of the halls refers to the group driving off the invaders and possibly ending up with somewhere new to use as a base of operations in addition to their home in Windhaven.

When clouds gather and hide the moons, the rains of Amber will then fall. The dragon’s eyes will see the looms; and angel’s wings answer the call

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 392, chapter 3, verses 68-end