DDC – Assault on Guardhouse 13

Tonight’s game was great fun. We’d left off with them barricading themselves into the guard tower attacked by the dire troll and the full moons rising. Things were out in the dark.

While Arwan explored the tower, he found a swarm of bats around the banked braziers on the roof, so he cast a light spell to see if they would react to it. This unfortunately alerted creatures from the surrounding area that people were there.

Before he knew it, strange winged goblinoid creatures and giant bats descended from the sky, while motion could be seen on the ground below. He retreated and took the risk of untying Caeluma.

On the ground floor, heavy mace blows started on the doors and window from twisted multiarmed creatures that looked like two goblins, or possibly goblins and dwarves, melted into each other. These dolgrims broke through, and Thorin risked untying Valenia.

Battle was joined, but both Valenia and Caeluma assumed hybrid werewolf forms and only had partial control. They could choose an action, or to move, and the savage werewolf side controlled the rest. Used as they were to fighting alongside Thorin the berserker the DDC made the beat of it

The fight raged across all floors of the building. The leader of the creatures was revealed as a mindflayer levitated through a window, mindblasted valenia into submission, and attempted to mind control Thorin so he could be captured. Thorin was far too stubborn for that, and faced with an implacable dwarves berserker the creature and its repulsive gazer familiar disappeared back into the night.

Kerne decimated the dolgrims, but not without setting fire to much of the ground floor. Having run out of enemies to fight, Caeluma left off the tower into an abandoned merchants cart below and began eating all the foodstuffs inside. Similarly glutted with food conjured by Arwen, Valenia was also distracted; and both werewolves were able to take some more control of themselves despite the moons overhead.

With fires extinguished and barricades reformed, the DDC did their best to rest and wait for the morning