DDC – Tech Stopped Play

We seem to have a recurring problem in my neck of the woods when it rains – namely that our network connections go a bit wonky. Normally it’s just the odd blip that causes a stutter in media or a delay in something loading. Occasionally though it totally disrupts all attempts at getting anything done.

This of course managed to be the case last night as the DDC finally reached the Clan Amberhammer Hold. Their first view was of a hedged terrace carved from the mountainside with trees, fountains, and carvings while a windmill slowly turned – but there was a distinct lack of guards or welcome, and the doors were firmly shut.

As the group got closer, they found a newer construction of marble that Thorin identified as coming from further South – and a swirling purple vapour that seemed to cling and flow around and through it. It was while they were investigating the vapour that they were attacked.

Two pen sketches, each with a label and a quote. The first is a cloaked figure with a helm resembling a skeletal wolf. It is labelled as Karkanna Amberhammer and has the quote: "The howl in the gloom, the flame in betrayal." The second is  pale sphere with an eye and ten bloodied and fanged tentacles. It is titled Ollyxus the Deathkiss and its quote is "A dream of blood that refused to die"

The creature was a large pallid sphere with a bloodshot eye and ten writhing tentacles tipped with bloody mouths. It hauled itself from among the trees and stones of the garden and began to try to rip them all limb from limb, ignoring all attempts to fend it off or flee.

And that was where we had to end it as by then I’d lost my connection to the internet a good three or four times. And so we’ll pick it up from there next time, when hopefully the weather will be better.