DDC – Draconic Prophecies 3

Well, here we go again with more cryptic whimsy. These are, if you’re just joining us, snippets of in-game prophecies and insights into the backstory and main strands of the Sunday D&D group. When all or part of what they allude to have come to pass or have been discovered, I then update the posts to elaborate on what’s been written.

And so for the next batch

Dragons above and dragons below refuse Prophecies’ draw and are yet suborned. The Lords of Dust eye the Winter’s Knight, and ready puissant arguments in stone

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 392, chapter 3, verses 21-22

Dreams of the Watcher guard doors and a vault, while delvers gather to worship the fault. A cult now is born. Graves yawn Winter’s cold. Mad eyes and fae mourn fates wrapped tight and sold.

The Draconic Prophecies – Scale 371, chapter 2, verses 6-9

Its all coming to a head, it’s safe to say – I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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