DDC – In The Doghouse

We’re approaching an endgame with the story arc for Thorin – which thankfully wasn’t too disrupted by technology this week. That meant a pretty combat-heavy session to start as we picked up mid fight with the tentacled mass of teeth that was roaming the gardens of the Hold.

In the earliest moments of the fight, people had been able to avoid or break free of the tentacles that had been trying to snare them, but then it was successful in latching on and starting to drain them of their lifeblood. This spurred a flurry of spells and the creature soon messily expired in a boneless heap.

The gates to the Hold were closed but consisted of iron grills showing a clear view into the tunnel beyond. There were signs of struggle and torn banners, but still no signs of guards, so Thorin was able to pull the gates open enough for them to slip through and approach the inner portal. Those with keen senses of smell picked up the scent of werewolves and of the dolgrims that had attacked in the night – and the door to the guardhouse was heavily scored with claw marks.

Thorin tried to throw open the inner portal as they could hear movement on the other side, but these doors were much heavier and it took him several attempts to get them open. This alerted the occupants of the room, and when the DDC broke through they were met by a small army of dolgrims and dolgaunts, while a huge ceramic eye crackling with arcane energies glared from the centre of the courtyard.

Thorin rushed into combat with the diminutive and multiarmed creatures and slew many while also getting bloodied in turn. The rest of the group were stymied however as they realised that the eye was a construct that projected an antimagic ray across the front of the courtyard. Battle was joined in earnest, with Caeluma nearly overwhelmed but saved by Arwan – while Kerne fell to the blades and bludgeons of two dolgrims that had cornered them.

On that cliffhanger, we ended the session. It led to the following quick image being produced: